A Home After Halls: Covid 2019 - hEALTH NOTICE

 we are putting measures in place to try to mitigate the impact to our tenants, and where possible, contain the spread of the disease.  these measures are intended to be preventative and due diligence.

We are putting the following measures in place to protect our tenants, staff and contractors.

If you are moving out during this period, please see our separate advice here; https://www.plymouthstudentaccommodation.com/moving-out

Our offices are open with reduced hours, and staffing. We will be open from 10 - 3. We are not currently carrying out meetings, or viewings for tenanted property.

First and foremost, if you are self-isolating, we MUST be made aware of this – we need to make alternate arrangements for visits to the property, to ensure that the isolation protocol is not broken – for example ensuring we are not sending contractors/cleaners in to the property.

Obviously visits between numerous properties amounts to a considerable risk for spread of infection. 

  • We will be conducting annual certification early to make sure you have in-date certification for your property, if your gas certificate or fire alarm service/certification is due in the next eight weeks, we will be having it carried out earlier to insure there is no gap in coverage. Regrettably, in order to get this volume of work completed in a much abbreviated time-frame, we will not be able to give 24 hours’ notice of these visits – I’m sure you can appreciate, every responsible landlord and agent is trying to take the same action, so we’re attempting two months’ worth of work in ten days, on top of any work the contractors already have. This affects roughly 45 houses for gas certification and 90 houses for fire alarm certification.

  •  To limit unnecessary contact, we will not be accepting payments in the office – these will either need to be made by bank transfer, or paid over the phone with a debit card – until further notice, we will not be accepting cash.

  • We strongly advise tenants to get copies of their keys cut and leave them with a flatmate or friend to ensure they can get back in to the room if necessary.  This would be at your own cost, as it is your own responsibility to not lose your keys, and to ensure you have access to your own property. If you do cut additional keys, you must return them all at the end of the tenancy. Cabinet Supplies on Union Street can cut most keys for about £1.
  • If you can complete basic day-to-day repairs yourselves, with readily available materials (changing lightbulbs, laying mouse bait), if you can email in a copies of the receipts, with your bank details we can refund you for the cost. Supermarkets will remain open, and these items will be available from them. Additionally, larger items may also be available (kettle or toaster for example) from supermarkets to replace items which may fail – please email the report of the item first, and we will approve the requests on an case-by-case basis.
  • The majority of our staff are working remotely and will be responding to issues as best we can remotely - to enable this to run as smoothly as possible, we will need all communication to be conducted either by email or on the ahah.report system.

General advice;

  • As students typically go home around Easter anyway, if your property is going to be vacant, please notify us, and ensure your boiler is turned off, bins taken out etc.
  • Emergency Services may end up restricting services to critical response, and basic law-and-order; opportunist criminals may take advantage of this fact, combined with student property which may be empty for an extended period. If your property is going to be vacant if you are travelling home, check all doors and windows are securely closed and locked before you leave. We recommend that you make sure any of your belongings are within your own locked room, rather than the communal areas as an added layer of security.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Sam Price


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