Recent "The Times" Article on the perils of purposes built halls!

Thursday 12th May 2016

Halls of residence made up half the shortlist for this year's bad architecture awards. Why are students being routinely failed?

The colours are bright enough to set your ears ringing. The designer himself admits that the long corridors remind him of The Shining. Inside the 13sq m rooms there is barely space to stack, let alone swing, a stolen traffic cone.

Welcome to Scape in Shoreditch, east London, one vision of the future of student accommodation. Along with plentiful communal facilities - mini-cinema, table tennis tables, launderette, gym and outdoor barbecue area - the tiny rooms somehow make room for cooking equipment and an en suite bathroom. There is just about enough space to squat at the bottom of the bed to study or dine on ready meals. This is university life brought to you by people who think battery hens have a lovely time. And despite the

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